2019 USC Roski Annual Student Exhibition

USC Fisher Museum of Art


The USC Roski Annual Student Exhibition is open to any undergraduate student enrolled in a 2018-19 USC Roski course. 


The application deadlines to be announced soon. For those who submitted applications prior to the deadline, follow the instructions below: 

Drop off your work at the USC Fisher Museum of Art.

  • Date to be announced, 12-4pm 
  • Dates to be announced, 9:30am-4pm

Artists whose work is accepted will be emailed (date to be announced soon) by 10am. 

Works not selected must be picked up (date and time to be announced) from USC Fisher Museum.


USC Roski Annual Student Exhibition Dates

May 2019

There will be an Opening Reception held in conjunction with the USC Roski Awards Ceremony; date and time to be announced.


Collection of Work Following Exhibition:

  • Friday, (date to be announced), 2-3pm, USC Fisher Museum
  • Monday, (date to be announced), 9am-4:30pm, USC Fisher Museum
  • Tuesday, (dates to be announced), 9am-4pm, Watt Hall 104; a pick-up time must be arranged with Ray Marquez (rjm@usc.edu).

Please pick up your artwork by Friday, May 18 at 4pm. USC Roski is not responsible for works not picked up after Friday, May 18, 2018.


Important Guidelines and Vendor List

Please click here for a PDF of the guidelines.