Performance Studies Graduate Certificate

Based in the Roski School of Art and Design with affiliated faculty across USC, the Performance Studies graduate certificate provides a deep and broad education in performance studies, with a focus on embodiment, materiality, and visuality in time-based live and photographic media. We study works across modes, from live theater, dance, and performance art to social media self imaging, with attention to theories of performance, identity, and power from across the humanities and arts.

The PSGC prepares MA, MFA, and PhD students for future careers and work in fields relating to performance studies. 

Faculty teaching PSGC courses include:
Edgar Arceneaux, Roski School
Brent Blair, School of Dramatic Arts
Nao Bustamante, Roski School
Andy Campbell, Roski School
Patty Chang, Roski School
Meiling Cheng, School of Dramatic Arts
Suzanne Hudson, Department of Art History
Amelia Jones, Roski School
Dorinne Kondo, American Studies and Ethnicity Department
Suzanne Lacy, Roski School
Jenny Lin, Roski School
madison moore, Roski School


For details on the program, visit the USC online catalogue here.

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