Advisement for Fall 2022

Undergraduate Students

All USC Roski majors must meet with a Roski advisor before registering for Spring 2022 classes.  The most productive meetings occur when students are prepared and have already reviewed course offerings via the USC Schedule of Classes website.

  • USC Roski majors with last names A ­– K, schedule your advisement with Rosalva Isidoro.
  • USC Roski majors with last names L­ – Z, schedule your advisement with Jahtm Flores.

You will need to schedule an advisement appointment according to your class standing, which is based on the total number of units completed (USC units + transfer units). To see your class standing, go to myUSC --> OASIS --> STARS Report. 

  • Senior/U4 students (>= 96), NCAA student-athletes, and others with priority registration can schedule appointments to meet with an advisor from March 2nd

through March 9th.    

    • ​​NCAA student-athletes and others with priority registration, you must email your Roski advisor to schedule an appointment.


  • Junior/U3 students (64—95.5 units) can schedule appointments to meet with an advisor from March 9th through March 23rd.


  • Spring Break, March 14th-- 18th will be an open week for students from any class standing if they choose to schedule during this time.


  • Sophomore/U2 students (32—63.5 units) can schedule appointments to meet with an advisor from March 23rd through March 30th


  • Freshman/U1 students (0—31.5 units) can schedule appointments to meet with an advisor from March 30th through April 8th.                       


Each student can view their registration time via myUSC --> OASIS --> Permit to Register. It is the student’s responsibility to register for and attend an advisement appointment that occurs before they are permitted to register.

If a student fails to show for a scheduled meeting, they will have to wait to schedule a meeting. This may occur after their Permit to Register has already opened. 

  • Students that fail to schedule a meeting with a Roski advisor can schedule for a make-up appointment with a Roski advisor from April 11th through April 15th.


An advisor will only lift a student's mandatory advisement hold after the student has attended their advising appointment. If you are not registering for Fall 2022 classes (e.g., you are graduating at the end of the spring semester or you will be taking a leave of absence), you do not have to sit for a mandatory advisement session. 


Below are directions for online scheduling of a Mandatory Advisement session:

  1. Log into myUSC.
  2. Go to the Undergraduate Advisement tab.
  3. Select the time/day you are available.
    • Students with last names (A ­– K) meet with Academic Advisor, Rosalva Isidoro.
    • Students with last names (L ­– Z) meet with Academic Advisor, Jahtm Flores.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment.
  5. Arrive ON TIME to the Zoom meeting.
  6. If you are unable to attend your scheduled meeting, cancel your appointment in the Undergraduate Student Advisement tab and email your advisor as soon as possible.

Graduate Students


All Roski Graduate students (MFA Art, MFA Design, MA CPPS) should schedule an appointment directly with Antonio Bartolome & Nazeli Hosik. Mandatory advisement meetings will be held virtually and in-person. Graduate students will not be able to register for classes until they meet with Antonio Bartolome & Nazeli Hosik. Graduate students should meet with their advisor no later than the end of the semester.


Antonio Bartolome,

Nazeli Hosik,



Preparation for a Productive Meeting

  • Write down your questions in advance.
  • If possible, bring a list of your planned classes for Fall 2022, including course codes, section numbers, and class times.
  • Bring a laptop or tablet.

USC expects the Fall 2022 Schedule of Classes to be available on March 7th at March 7th is also the day that students will be able to view their Fall 2022 initial registration times on myUSC. Again, to see these times, students should visit myUSC -> OASIS -> Permit to Register.