Course Waivers

If you have an interest in either being waived (no course credit given) from certain prerequisite courses in the Roski School of Art and Design or in receiving credit for documented transferable coursework, you have come to the right place. Students who have not taken the USC prerequisite(s) for a studio art course, or who have taken the prerequisite art courses outside of USC (at a community college for example), must receive faculty approval in order to register for advanced studio courses or to gain official course credit for transferable coursework. A portfolio of relevant coursework that demonstrates mastery of certain key concepts and techniques in your media of interest is required for faculty approval.


Students who have scored a 4 or 5 in AP art in high school also have the option of requesting a faculty portfolio review to waive into certain intermediate-level studio courses.


In order to have your relevant artwork reviewed, please complete the online form at the appropriate courses link below. You will be asked to upload specific examples of your art work as well as the syllabi from previous courses, if appropriate. Jpgs are encouraged in order to keep the total portfolio size to less than 20 megabytes. No pdfs please.


Portfolio reviews may take a couple weeks. Unfortunately, waiting this long can be an issue. Such requests should be submitted long before the first week of classes. If you experience any technical problems, please let us know immediately by contacting Annie Watanabe You may submit portfolios only one time for each area of art. Portfolios for course waivers must be submitted within one semester of enrolling as an art major. 


ART 110: Drawing for Art and Design | sample ART 110 syllabus

ART 210: Drawing II | sample ART 210 syllabus


ART 120: Painting I | sample ART 120 syllabus

ART 220: Painting II | sample ART 220 syllabus


ART 130: Ceramics | sample ART 130 syllabus

ART 230: Wheel Throwing | sample ART 230 syllabus


ART 140: Sculpture I | sample ART 140 syllabus


ART 150: Introduction to Photography | sample ART 150 syllabus

ART 151: Digital Photography | sample ART 151 syllabus

ART 250: Photography II | sample ART 250 syllabus

ART 350: Advanced Photography | sample ART 350 syllabus


CRIT 150gp: Histories of Art, Design and Visual Culture | sample CRIT 150 syllabus


DES 102: Design Fundamentals | sample DES 102 syllabus

DES 203: Digital Tools for Design | sample DES 203 syllabus


In order to be waived out of courses not listed above, contact your academic advisor:

• last names A–K: Alexander Karnazes at

• last names L–Z: Jahtm Flores at