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Roski Specific Updates Regarding Online Modality Test

All USC in-person classes will be taught online March 11 – 13 and March 23 - April 13 (these dates are subject to change; click here for updates). The online modality will replace in-person classes for this period. For our art and design classes that are studio-driven, the test run will allow us to explore creative solutions as we ask instructors to consider how to deliver a high level of art instruction remotely. Please work with your instructors if special technical accommodations may be needed. Below you will find instructions for using Zoom and Blackboard (please download and familiarize yourself with these programs).

We know you will likely have some questions now and during the Online Test Run and I want you to know that both faculty and staff are available throughout this process. Please feel free to reach out to your instructors, advisors, or anyone on staff.

Additionally, we have added a wufoo form for any of your comments and questions regarding this test period. We look forward to your participation and feedback. Click here to comment.



Roski students (undergraduate and graduate) are advised: you are required to attend all classes at the scheduled times via Zoom and/or Blackboard as directed by your instructor. Attendance will be taken as per usual.

Students that may have technology challenges should contact ITS as soon as possible. Devices with cameras such as cellphones, tablets, and laptops can all support the Zoom app. or you can phone or email ITS: and (213) 740-5555

In Zoom, instructors will generally MUTE AUDIO for all participants except themselves to avoid lots of clatter and feedback; use the blue raised hand function to ask questions and they will unmute you, or there is a “chat” function for written questions; unless the instructor otherwise notes, students should keep video UNMUTED for the duration of classes, which will be held as if “live” to the best of the software’s capacity: we need to see you!​​​​​​

You can use your smartphone for Zoom, but for any classes involving visuals, a laptop with built-in camera (so you can be visible throughout each class to the instructor and fellow students) is strongly recommended; please let your instructor and ITS know if you have any issues accessing a laptop with built-in camera; the university is in discussion about this issue.

Faculty will be fully available for academic advice and support; just email your instructor to set up a Zoom meeting during office hours or another time as agreed with instructor.

Advisors will be advising students via Zoom for Fall 2020 semester and will get in touch with you about that.



Instructors will be emailing their students with an invitation to join the class remotely. Instructions will be included in the email. Techs will be on hand next week in preparation for the remote classes. 

Instructions for using Blackboard or Zoom:

Blackboard Most of you are likely familiar with Blackboard. We are asking instructors to explore this and Zoom as a teaching platform.

Zoom is a videoconference and audioconference software hosted in the cloud that enables communication across many mobile devices, desktop computers and video-enabled classrooms. For example, it is possible for a faculty member to host a class discussion using only a cell phone equipped with a camera. For guidance, please see: You should also download Zoom to your cell phone for use, if necessary.



March 16 - April 13, 2020

UPC Campus (Watt and Harris Halls): office, classrooms, labs.
Closed by Monday March 16, 5 pm

The classrooms, studios, Lindhurst Gallery, and labs on UPC will be closed by the end of the day Monday, March 16th. Closures pertain to all of Watt and Harris Halls, including ceramics, sculpture, woodshop, Galen Lab, printmaking, drawing rooms, and painting studios. The various lab techs will not be available after Monday. We strongly encourage everyone to collect essential supplies from their lockers, studios, and offices by close of the day. The Art and Architecture Library will be closed as well.

IFT Studios (30th and Flower): offices, photo lab.
Closed by Wednesday, March 18, 6 pm

Arts District Graduate Building: offices, classrooms, and studios.
Closed by Wednesday March 18, 6 pm.

All graduate students are encouraged to bring home essential items. Please contact your director directly if there are any questions after March 18th.


Tuesday, April 14:
Classes scheduled to resume in person


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