News Highlight

  • David Kelley Receives ASHSS Grant
  • Actor Timothy Olyphant Returned to Roski to Finish Degree
  • Margaret Lazzari Publishes New Book for Artists

Event Highlight

  • BFA Design 2021 Thesis Projects
  • José Guadalupe Sánchez III: Para Acompañar
  • 2018 MFA Open Studios
    2018 MFA Open Studios
  • MA 2020 exhibition "One Never Remembers Alone" Photo: Monica Orozco
  • 2019 Undergraduate Open Studios
  • Undergraduate Studio Coursework
    Undergraduate Studio Coursework
  • Undergraduate Open Studios 2019
  • MFA Art Candidates' Group Exhibition 2020
  • Undergraduate Critique in Painting
  • 2018 MA Exhibition "Out of Character: Self-Imaging through Narrative"
  • 2019 Annual Student Exhibition at USC Fisher Museum of Art
  • "Repeat, Repeat, Repeat," a Design Area Exhibition