Meet Roski

USC began offering art classes in 1883 and later, in 1895, founded the University’s art school, one of the oldest in Southern California. The USC Gayle Garner Roski School of Art and Design boasts a noteworthy history, illustrious alumni, internationally renowned faculty and diverse, talented students. 

An Education for the Adventurous

USC Roski is a forward-thinking, supportive environment for creativity, experimentation and collaboration in the visual arts and design. The school’s open approach to art allows for both the integration and overlap of a number of artistic fields, and fosters opportunities for cross-discipline research and collaboration at 18 professional schools across USC, one of the world’s leading research institutions. This gives Roski students the extraordinary ability to seek a wide range of paths and to customize their degree in ways that are as individual as they are.

Our Mission Statement

Engaged With the World

We believe that art and design are important means of expression that critically examine the complex, globally networked world in which we live. All of our teachings are contextualized within issues of diversity, equity and sustainability, and we inspire students to create aesthetically powerful, politically responsible and inclusive work. 

Happening Here