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Haven Lin-Kirk
Professor of Art and Design

China Adams
Assistant Professor of Teaching, Art & Design

Edgar Arceneaux
Associate Professor, Art
Chair, Art 2D

Brent Blair
Affiliated Faculty; Professor of Theatre Practice in Voice and Movement,
Director of Theatre and Social Change

Nao Bustamante 
Professor of Art

Andrew Campbell
Chair and Associate Professor, Critical Studies

Patty Chang
Professor of Art 

Meiling Cheng
Affiliated Faculty; Professor, Theatre Critical Studies

Caroline Clerc
Associate Professor of Teaching, Art

Alison D'Amato
Associate Professor of Practice in Dance and Art

Paul Donald

Charla Freeman Elizabeth

Jason Ellenburg
Assistant Professor, Teaching 

April Greiman
Professor, Design

Sherin Guirguis
Professor of Practice, Art and Design 
Chair, Foundation

Suzanne Hudson
Affiliated Faculty; Associate Professor, Art History and Fine Arts

Amelia Jones
Robert A. Day Professor, Art and Design
Vice Dean of Faculty and Research

Eric Junker

David Kelley
Associate Professor of Practice, Art

Mary Kelly
Judge Widney Professor of Art

Dorinne Kondo
Affiliated Faculty; Professor of American Studies
and Ethnicity and Anthropology

Suzanne Lacy
Professor of Art

Bruno Lemgruber
Associate Professor of Teaching, Design      

Karen Liebowitz 
Assistant Professor of Teaching, Art

Jenny Lin 
Associate Professor of Critical Studies
Director, MA Curatorial Practices

Marisa Mandler 
Assistant Professor of Teaching, Art

Keith Mayerson
Professor of Art

Thomas Mueller
Associate Professor of Teaching
Chair, Art 3D 

Ruben Ochoa 
Associate Professor of Practice, Art

Brian O'Connell
Chair Design and Assistant Professor, Teaching

Julia Paull 
Professor of Teaching, Art
Chair, Art 4D

Jean Robison

Osvaldo Trujillo
Assistant Professor of Teaching, Design
Vice Dean, Research, Teaching and Practice

Ruth Weisberg
Professor of Art

Jennifer West
Professor of Practice, Art
Director MFA Art

Ewa Wojciak
Associate Professor, Practice, Design

Alexis Zoto
Associate Professor, Teaching, Art & Design


Sam Alden

Alex Anderson

Carlos Avila

Ray Anthony Barrett

Tanya Brodsky

Laurie Burruss

Danie Cansino

Lucy Cook

Ken Ehrlich

Ginamahre Fulton

Ashley Hagen

Yaron Hakim

Peter Holzhauer

Helen Kim

Michael Lejeune

Alvaro Marquez

Elle Michalka

Melanie Nakaue

Brian Olson

Ruby Osorio

Helene Reiner

Jackie Rines

Peter Robbins

Rotem Rozental

Amy Santoferraro

May Sun

Hector Torres

Zoë van Dijk

Angie Wang

Shoshi Watanabe




Kim Sweet






Robert Alderette

Jud Fine

Robbert Flick

Karen Koblitz

Margaret Lazzari

Ann Page

Ron Rizk

Jay Willis


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