The BFA Art program offers the choice of studio courses with an emphasis available in painting and drawing, photography, video, sculpture and ceramics. Studio courses are complemented by a series of critical theory seminars, critique studios, and a senior thesis project.

The BFA Design program is based on the premise that designers are artists and makers, so courses are offered in a wide array of artistic media. Design coursework is complemented by critical theory seminars, professional design internships, as well as a minor in business, advertising, marketing, entrepreneurship or communication.

The BA Art is a liberal arts degree offering a variety of courses from across the university and is ideal for students who want to combine their interests in art or design with a minor or double major in a related or complementary field.

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The ever-increasing value of creativity and visual literacy in the age of the Internet makes the study of art relevant to almost every field today. USC Roski’s seven Studio Minors and four Interdisciplinary Minors provide a foundation in theoretical concepts and practical skills crucial to visual communication and representation.

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MA in Curatorial Practices and the Public Sphere
The MA is an intensive master's-level program in the practice and history of curating, studied through the lens of critical theory and the history of art; with a focus on the research and exhibition of contemporary art with Roski’s renowned Critical Studies faculty.

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Master of Fine Arts in Art
The MFA Art program is a studio-based program designed to maximize each student's individual experience with an instructional model focused on critical dialogue. Students work closely with USC Roski's internationally acclaimed art faculty and Critical Studies faculty.

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Master of Fine Arts in Design
MFA Design is a new program housed in a facility in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. Students work closely with USC Roski's design faculty made up of industry leaders, as well as an expanded community of leading professional designers, artists and culture.

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