Ashlynn Trane Exhibition

Ashlyn Trane: shock collar
Exhibition dates: Mar 22 – Apr 5, 2023

A Ruth Weisberg Drawing Exhibition



Ashlynn Trane (she/her) is a multimedia artist from Washington, DC, currently earning her BFA at USC. Trane intertwines drawing, painting, sculpture, assemblage, and fashion to develop a multidimensional visual language. In her practice, she explores autonomy, labor, domestication, connection, and beautification through material and conceptual intersections. She investigates how these components operate in regard to her identity as a biracial woman. Trane’s recent work features the dog as a motif which considers how the interspecies relationship between human and dog runs parallel to inter-human social power structures. The three-headed dog and hybrid combination of k9 and woman function as multi-conscious representations of self. Trane seeks to reveal and deconstruct tools of oppression and reimagine them in ways that empower and protect herself as well as pay homage to subjugated bodies. Trane’s debut solo exhibition, “shock collar” illustrates this journey.