Edgar Arceneaux 'Library of Black Lies' takes over Beta Main

This month, USC Roski Professor of Art, Edgar Arceneaux will lead two programs at Beta Main in Downtown, Los Angeles for his new installation, Library of Black Lies, which explores today’s pressing issue of fake news.  On View through March 26, 2017.  Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 7pm. Admission is free. Program information below.


Artist Walk-through: Edgar Arceneaux

Thursday, March 9, 12 – 1pm

Artist Edgar Arceneaux leads a free public tour of his immersive installation Library of Black Lies. 

In this work, Arceneaux challenges the narrative of American progress, and in particular, African American progress through the selection, placement, and modification of books in a library of his own invention. Via this timely work, made last year, when fake news became “real” news and the content of real news was interrogated, the artist presses for a closer look not only at what is patently true or false, but at the more complicated stories about our past that lead us to where we are now.

Black Lies & Fake News

Wednesday, March 15, 8 – 9:30pm

Join artist Edgar Arceneaux and professor Mark C. Marino, director of the University of Southern California’s Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab, for a discussion of new media’s role in the current transmission of fake news.

Moderated by Allison Agsten, director of The Main Museum and former producer at CNN, the conversation will use the painted, crystalized, and manipulated holdings of Arceneaux’s Library of Black Lies as a platform to discuss the contemporary use of social media, fake news, and algorithms to manipulate the opinions of the masses. They will also discuss the installation in relation to racial formation (the matter of black lives) and to the libraries of print (lies inked in black). This is an open discussion; all opinions are welcomed.