Elena Hutchinson, Design '14 alumna launches fashion brand

USC Roski 2014 Design alumni, Elena Hutchinson launches a new line of activewear called Lorica, inspired by medieval armor and history. Hutchinson grew up reading her older brother's Dungeons and Dragons Monsters Manuals, and has had an abiding love for all things medieval ever since.

As she grew older, she's became fascinated by the juxtaposition of armor and femininity, appropriating a symbol of male power and domination for the female form. Hutchinson set out to design a functional yet fashionable line of clothing for warrior women who want to go about their daily life with all the comfort of yoga pants and all the badass of a suit of full plate. Not only do the leggings look fabulous, but they’re made in the USA with fabrics derived from recycled bottles. In fact, about 20 bottles go into each pair.

The interdisciplinary education in the humanities, fine arts, and business that she received at USC Roski was instrumental in equipping her to start her own line.