Bruno Lemgruber

Associate Professor of Teaching, Design

Bruno Lemgruber is the new Associate Professor for Design at the Roski School of Art and Design at University of Southern California. A passionate educator, avid learner, and behavior science buff, he is known for promoting Design Culture while nurturing personal development, collaboration, and innovation.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bruno started teaching at Pratt Institute’s Grad CommD immediately after he graduated from the same program in 1998. Since then he has taught Graduate and Undergraduate design students both in NYC and Rio and was involved

He is also a hands-on executive creative director with 20+ years of international experience developing design and communication strategies for global brands. An actively open-minded leader, comfortable in foreign environments and new challenges, he helped global and local businesses transform their business and offerings through entirely new processes and technology.

With a holistic medium-agnostic approach to design, Bruno led and collaborated with an extraordinary team of multi-disciplinary professionals in strategic solutions in print, digital, video storytelling, brand identity, spatial experience, and data visualization projects. You can see a selection of cases from his studio Tabaruba here.

Lemgruber holds an MS in Communications Design from Pratt Institute.