USC Roski Annual Student Exhibition

2023 USC Roski Annual Student Exhibition
USC Fisher Museum of Art
Harris Hall

Exhibition dates: May 2 – 12, 2023

The USC Roski School of Art and Design’s latest generation of artistic voices have challenged the bounds of material, form and expectation to demonstrate the embodied process of making space in the world in its. Leveraging memory and experience, these artists have forged new definitions of painting, design, sculpture, and inter-media art. Bodies in Space, Roski’s annual juried student exhibition, highlights some of the most innovative, impactful, and unique examples of this work created by students across majors, courses, class years, and disciplines.

Artworks and installations displayed examine how one attempts to be perceived as part of a larger group or identity while still seeking to be seen as a unique individual. Roski students have attempted to reform media and styles in their generation’s own voice by referencing unique touchstones such as pop-up advertisements, artificial intelligence, climate change— deconstructing media, environments, identities, technology, and the body in the process.


Participating Artists

Leyla Akgedik, Zoe Alameda, ayşe artun, Selin Aydin, Dan Belkind, Georgia Burki, Emily Chen, Melody Chen, Elaine Choi, Erin Cross, John Davillier, Jeremy Davis, Isabel De Allende Silva, Jayna Dias, Lejin Fan, Mateo Garcia, Garrett Goodrum, Talia Grossman, Makayla Howard, Jackie Hung, Lyudmila Karapetyan, Michelle Kwon, Seanna Latiff, Gunner Lee, Yujin Lee, Daniella Leon, Valeria Leon, Addie Lillard, Zhiyu Lin, Angelo Brandon Lontok, Dahlia Macatangay, Maile McGuinn, Dylan Michaels, Lana Nguyen, Anika Nyman, Megan Ong, Brett Park, Frederica Peng, Isa Perez, Jackie Sanchez, Isabella Santoyo, Jenna Schneider, Daria Serefoglu, Alyssa Shao, Maki Shigetani, Ari Silverman, Ashlynn Smith, Abriana Stewart, Gavin Sullivan, Hanyu Sun, Karina Takayama, Clement Thomas, Trenyce Tong, Aylish Turner, Katya Urban, Kadee Whitaker, Keira Wilkins, Hyejin Yeom, and Tianzhu Zhang.


The USC Roski Annual Student Exhibition, Bodies in Space, was organized by the University of Southern California Roski School of Art and Design in collaboration with the University of Southern California Fisher Museum of Art. Special thanks to the faculty jury, the staff of the Fisher Museum, and the Roski community for making this exhibition and these works possible.