Alum Chelle Barbour Featured in LA Weekly

Alum Chelle Barbour Featured in LA Weekly

March 07, 2024

USC Roski School graduate (BFA ’07 and MA ’13) Chelle Barbour was recently featured in LA Weekly. The article/interview by arts writer Shana Nys Dambrot focuses on Barbour’s photocollages.

Dambrot notes, “Photocollage is made by taking images apart and putting them back together in fresh, unexpected, even revelatory juxtapositions—especially the way Chelle Barbour does it. Quite literally examining the sum of America’s parts, and giving visual expression to the multiple vectors of female archetypes speaking to strength, vulnerability, and survival, Barbour’s carefully constructed work is both steeped in history and alive in this moment.”

In the piece, Barbour states, “…I’m a photography and collage artist elevating black women through the lens of Afro-Surrealism and Afro-Futurism.”

Read the full interview here.