Amelia Jones Article in The Brooklyn Rail

Amelia Jones Article in The Brooklyn Rail

March 07, 2024

USC Roski Professor of Art & Design Amelia Jones publishes the article “Creative Community for Survivance” in The Brooklyn Rail. Highlighting the importance of In Plain Sight, a national collaborative performance event that took place in 2020, organized by rafa esparza and Cassils; and the organization’s continued work and impact.

In the piece, Jones writes:

Today, In Plain Sight exists as a website with extensive documentation, but it also serves as a continuing and expanding network, confirming as well as producing a community of progressive thinkers/creators connecting for the greater good. In Plain Sight both exposes violence and makes visible a multiplicitous community of creative people comprised of people who see such violence as unacceptable. Driven by communal commitment and expressing as well as soliciting joy, it promotes a poetics of relation and a form of survivance in a crazy and destabilized world that would otherwise divide and crush us under the imperatives of capitalism, militarism, and individualized power plays.