Alexandre Dorriz

MFA Art '19

Alexandre Dorriz

Alexandre Dorriz (b. Los Angeles, CA) is a research-based artist informed by interdisciplinary photographic approaches towards textile archiving and preservation, specifically his maternal family’s history of working with and collecting textiles for four generations through the Iranian Diaspora. His current body of research is in breeding silkworms to model localized economies, investigate memory seriations in fiber and interpret silk protein as a time-based, photographic medium in an ongoing studio installation, entitled Economies of Small, or the Location of Capital (2018), broadcasting live at .

Recent writings and lectures include My Two Favorite Colonizers Have an Awesome Group Show : Genghis Khan at the Ronald Reagan Library for Temporary Art Review and  Auto-Orientalism and Trauma presented at the 4th Annual Middle Eastern Studies Symposium at California State University, Chico.

In 2016 he began editing an online open-forum for anonymous confessions and narratives behind the shame of conscientious White/Euro/Anglo-washing of identities, entitled “”

Dorriz is a candidate for a MFA Art (2019), Southern California University. He received his BA in Art Practice at the University of California, Berkeley.