Paintrain: Six Feet Apart

Virtual Gallery Opening
Sunday Nov 22, 6 - 8pm

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In a virtual gallery opening (designed by Jorge Lasa!) on November 22nd, Eejoon Choi,
Kayla Eremita, Simon Kim, Maddie Kutler, Jorge Lasa, Ale Moreno, Renzel Navarro, Rebekah
Rine, Margot Ryan, Aastha Sharma, Mackenzie Starr, Nicole Tubman, Samantha Tuvesson and
Catherine Yi will showcase the work they have made while stuck at home, at least six feet apart,
for a unique Fall 2020 semester.

With unconventional times comes some pretty unconventional ways of connection and
art making. Our show, put together by the artists of USC’s ART 420 Topics of Advanced
Painting, with the help of their professor, Keith Mayerson, reflects their lives as students during
a global pandemic. Each artist brings their own vision, creativity and artistic style to the table.
With topics ranging from architecture to religion, identity to the dreamscape, and many more
inbetween, our artists have created visuals expressions of the inner self, while at the same time
challenging what it truly means for something to be considered a “painting” -- digital art, mixed
media paintings, architecture drawings transformed into larger than life abstractions, etc.
Coming from various backgrounds including, but not limited to, medicine, architecture,
foreign language studies, and folklore in addition to fine arts, our painters bring in different
perspectives informed by their other areas of study.

In the words of the artists:
“Every Monday and Wednesday this semester, we logged into Zoom from all across the
globe — from California to Croatia, in an earnest attempt to recreate the Roski studio
environment. We came together bound by our shared experiences in confronting this unusual
semester, creating works that reflect our individual artistic visions. We hope you enjoy,
appreciate, and take something away from our works of art, while also staying six feet apart.”

Instagram: @paintrain_sixfeetapart