Past Exhibitions

The USC Roski School maintains a robust schedule of student exhibitions, both undergraduate and graduate. Student shows involve all majors and class years, offering you the invaluable experience of conceptualizing, creating, curating and hanging your best work. 

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Undergraduate Student Solo Shows

Brett Park’s practice encompasses a range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, and more, to explore themes of sexual and gender identity as they interact with and contradict his Korean American background.

うろうろ [uro-uro] (translated from Japanese as onomatopoeia for the sound of wandering) explores cultural practice and lineage through a selection of molded and painted washi paper

In this exhibition, Roski artist Nico Peji explored how the design cultures of Mexico and the Philippines have been influenced by Spanish colonization and where those three cultures overlap visually.

Ashlynn Trane (she/her) is a multimedia artist from Washington, DC, currently earning her BFA at USC. Trane intertwines drawing, painting, sculpture, assemblage, and fashion to develop a multidimensional visual language.

Recent MFA Art Thesis Exhibitions

Los Angeles-based artist Jessica Taylor Bellamy explores the tension of living at the edge of a precarious paradise. Primarily working with oil painting, Bellamy incorporated screen printing, animation, and video installation into her practice.

Artist’s statement: “In this exhibition, I explored and expressed my unique experience and perspective of Blackness. It is my intention to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions that exist in our society around Black identity and highlight the humanity that is often overlooked.”

Artist’s Statement: “When my brothers and I were young, our mother would have us accompany each other wherever we went. This request was often placed on my older brothers as I am the youngest. When they resisted, as teens do, asking “why do I have to go?!” our mother would respond exclaiming “Para acompañar!”