USC Roski Announces Interdisciplinary Minor in Fashion

USC Roski Announces Interdisciplinary Minor in Fashion

December 07, 2023

The USC Roski School of Art and Design along with other USC professional schools – Iovine and Young Academy, the School of Dramatic Arts, the Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, the Marshall School of Business, and the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism – today announced a new minor in Fashion. The newly launched minor will challenge the current norms of the fashion industry and inspire students to create powerful, astute,  technology enabled, and sustainable practices to facilitate meaningful change. The minor is available to all enrolled undergraduate students at USC beginning in the Fall ‘23 term.

The interdisciplinary minor, housed at USC Roski, recontextualizes the idea of fashion in a collaborative manner with elective options in fashion studies, wearable production, smart fabrics, fashion in extended reality and digital worlds, costuming, dance and movement, media and culture, entrepreneurship and marketing. This minor may serve as a path to forthcoming progressive graduate degrees: the MFA in Fashion at the Roski School or the MS in Fashion Innovation at the Iovine and Young Academy


The foundation of a studio practice in fashion requires a well-rounded understanding of the basics of form, color theory, material construction, and production techniques. An analysis of merchandising, marketing, consumer understanding and design trends also contributes to success in the field. Technology is influencing the means of fashion production and dissemination but also the range of outcomes as we see a growth in digital and hybrid (physical-digital) fashion products ranging from digital skins and virtual runways to smart apparel for participatory wellness. The selection of courses in the minor can be tailored to the specific interests of the student. This integrated learning paradigm for fashion is unique for Los Angeles.


The Roski School of Art and Design not only provides a solid foundation in art and design but also allows for an in-depth exploration of fashion design theory, identity issues, and visual representation. At the Iovine and Young Academy, students are introduced to cutting-edge technologies, such as smart fabrics and fashion in extended reality and explore fashion innovations at the intersection of creative practice, technology and business. Students at the Glorya Kaufman School of Dance can explore the fascinating relationship between fashion and performance, delving into its intersections with choreography, corporeality, identity, and theatricality. The School of Dramatic Arts offers courses that examine fashion design and construction as powerful tools for shaping and defining identities across diverse realms, from musical theatre to superheroes, sports, and fashion influencers. In the Marshall School of Business, fashion minor students are equipped with the necessary tools to create innovative products and business ventures. The Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism provides students with foundational knowledge to understand fashion as a mode of communication and a culture industry at the intersection of art and commerce.


Each of the participating USC schools offers distinct pathways and valuable perspectives, enriching students’ educational experiences and preparing them for dynamic careers in their chosen fields, producing future fashion thought leaders.


ROSKI SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN                                                                              

ART 110                                     Drawing for Art and Design (4)
DES 102                                     Design Fundamentals (4)
DES 230                                     3D Design: Materials and Tools (4)
ART 311                                     Anatomical Drawing from Life (2)
ART 314                                     Illustration for Art and Design (2)
CRIT 415                                    Performance: Event, Action, Situation (4)
CRIT 425                                    Identity and Visual Representation (4)
DES 313                                     Graphic Design in Fashion (4)
DES 323g                                   Design Theory (4)
CRIT/FDN 405                           Race, Fashion and Pop Culture (4)
FDN 430                                    Materiality and Construction (4)
FDN 433                                    Intl Fashion Study Tour (2)

SCHOOL OF DRAMATIC ARTS                                                                                          

THTR 231                                   Costume Construction (3)
THTR 233                                   Historic Costumes for the Theatre (3)
THTR 331                                   Costume Design I (4)
THTR 418                                   Advanced Fashion Construction: Tailoring (4)
THTR 433ab                               Costume Design II  (3,3)
THTR 447                                   Fashion Influencing (4)
THTR 448                                   History of Fashion and the Costume (4)
THTR 462                                   Sports and Fashion (4)

GLORYA KAUFMAN SCHOOL OF DANCE                                                                                       

DANC 170                                  Choreography and Performance (2)
DANC 482                                  Improvisational Strategies in Movement and Materiality (4)

IOVINE AND YOUNG ACADEMY                                                                                                                                     

ACAD 217                                  Extended Reality Design/Designing Immersive Media? (4)
ACAD 240                                  Materials: Denim to Nanotubes (4)
ACAD 245                                  Designing Products I (4)
IDSN 535                                   Ambient Computing (4)
IDSN 537                                   Fashion in Extended Reality (4)
IDSN 581                                   Introduction to the Global Fashion System (2)


BAEP 423                                   Management of Small Businesses (4)
BAEP 450                                   Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (4)
BAEP 451                                   The Management of New Enterprises (4)
BAEP 452                                   Feasibility Analysis (4)
BUAD 307                                  Marketing Fundamentals (4)


COMM 396g                              Fashion, Media and Culture


VISIT the USC course catalog here for additional details