Carlo Tuason

MA '20

Carlo Tuason

Carlo is a curator, scholar, and musician based in Los Angeles. Coming from a small town in Virginia, his curatorial and research interests have developed out of his commitment to building community and making space for Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander youth. He received his BA in International Affairs and BM in Music Performance from the University of Cincinnati and the College-Conservatory of Music. He is now finishing up his MA in Curatorial Practices and the Public Sphere at the University of Southern California. 


Currently, his research explores protest art, cultural production, and visuality in the Anti-Extradition Law and Bill Movement in Hong Kong through the lenses of counter-visuality, protest theory, embodiment,  phenomenology, and notions of ‘building the future now.’ His research and curatorial interests include contemporary art, diaspora, protest movements, decolonial theory, critical theory, and political visual culture in the Asia-Pacific region and Asian America. 


Tuason produces, records, and releases music under the name “Chay Guan.” His music explores the complexities of navigating change and loneliness through bringing together elements of R&B, hip hop, folk, and electronic music.

Tai Po Lennon Tunnel, Research Documentation August 2019