Melanie Nakaue


Melanie Nakaue


Melanie Nakaue is a practicing artist, designer and educator working within the medium of digital media, sculpture and installation. Her work explores the interconnections between autobiographical, art historical and cultural narratives. She received her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and her BA from Scripps College.

Selected screenings and exhibitions of her work include: Culver Center for the Arts at University of California, Riverside, Nichols Gallery at Pitzer College, the Luckman Gallery at California State University, Los Angeles, AM NUNDEN DA (London), Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival (Portland, OR), Monte Vista Projects (Los Angeles, CA).


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Melanie Nakaue, "Ballon Venus," (2020).
Melanie Nakaue, "Notions of Time," 2022
Melanie Nakaue, "Iterations," 2020