Alice Siyuan Zhao

MA '24

Alice Siyuan Zhao



Alice Siyuan Zhao is a M.A. student at the Roski School of Art & Design. Her research and curatorial interests lie at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. She received her B.A. in History of Art and Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Her undergraduate thesis, “Camping in Chinatown: Martin Wong’s Queer Art”, discusses the artist's defiance of heteronormativity and racist Chinese stereotypes through the use of camp. As a parachute kid from Beijing, her experiences of disorientation and displacement in the U.S. motivate her to examine the ways Asian/American and queer realities overlap. Alice has previously assisted with selecting works for No Ocean Between Us: Art of Asian Diasporas in Latin America & The Caribbean, 1945–Present at the Arthur Ross Gallery, and has delivered a talk for God Complex: Different Philadelphia that featured the work of graffiti artist and ceramicist Roberto Lugo. As a hobby, Alice draws from vintage, punk, and goth aesthetics to create looks for herself that challenge dominant representations of Asian feminine bodies and gesture to more liberatory modes of existence. 


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Pronouns: she/her/hers 

Instagram: @4lice.2ha0



Alice Siyuan Zhao
Installation view: No Ocean Between Us: Art of Asian Diasporas in Latin America & The Caribbean," 1945–Present, featuring "My Jamaican Passport" by Albert Chong. Arthur Ross Gallery, 2022