Collective Awakening

USC Roski Advanced Photography Exhibition
On view: Apr 23 - May 7
Closing event Sat, May 7, 7-9pm

Missiongathering Church
789 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena, CA 91107

The Closing event Includes the performance: "Our House of Stained Glass" by Roski Professor Edgar Arceneaux' students in ART 463 Performance and the Frame.

the exhibition

Collective Awakening features photography by 16 artists in USC Roski Advanced Photography course who work with various modes of photography to explore themes of materiality, urban architecture, Los Angeles Street culture, youth culture, Spanish colonial legacies, psychological space, affect and affect, and intimacy.



participating artists

Ayse Artun, Nathalie Benshmuel, Meredith Byrnes, Grace Fryes, Tyler Ghajar, Booker Johnson, Olivia LiCalzi, Alaric Ma, Alejandro Rico-Gomez, Dayanara Saucedo, Robert Scalia, Langston Siebens, Jonah Wallach, Chloe Wang, Natalie Williams, Bailey Wu



Visiting Guidelines

For the wellbeing of our students and all who visit USC, and until further notice: masks are encouraged but not required when indoors.