don't worry about it

An exhibition by M.O.
Opening Reception: Nov 16, 6pm
Exhibition is on view Nov 17 - 30



Helen Lindhurst Fine Art Gallery
USC Watt Hall (ground floor)



Opening reception: Nov 16, 6 - 8pm
Exhibition hours: Nov 17 - 30, 9am - 5pm


About the exhibition

Trying to understand being alive is a feat that is only completed in death, when one finally meets the end of time and space. This awareness of our impermanence in such an indifferent universe is terrifying, but this collection of work by artist M.O. exists in the hopes that humanity may grow comfortable with this terror, and stare it in the face. The almost foolish nature of the human spirit, the refusal to quit, despite knowing what we know about our existence, is instinctual, but we can also consciously wield it in the face of nihilism. Nothing matters. So, anything matters.