Alum Nahui Garcia and MFA Art Candidate Jiayun Chen at Fellows of Contemporary Art

The Fellows of Contemporary Art (FOCA) recently announced the exhibition In the depth of the mouth inhabits the light that takes shape, curated by USC Roski alum (MA '22) Nahui Garcia and featuring artworks by Roski MFA Art candidate Jiayun Chen, along with Yuchi Ma andn Elizabeth Ibarra.

In the depth of the mouth inhabits the light that takes shape reflects on the experience of learning English as a second language. The exhibition draws inspiration from Walter Benjamin’s theory of language, which describes the ways humans communicate in—and, not through—linguistic symbols; language is a conduit and the thoughts that exist in the human consciousness are not always identical to the words that are verbally expressed. The exhibition brings together the work of Elizabeth Ibarra, Jiayun Chen, and Yuchi Ma, whose relationship with speech expands to varying degrees. Having moved to the United States during their late teens, these three artists adopted English as their second language in the context of a foreign academic education.

Details here.