José Guadalupe Sánchez III Participates in COVID Zine

Thank you MFA Art candidate José Guadalupe Sánchez III for once again, working with various orgainzations to create good for your local communiites; and to all those who contributed to this project: students of the MacArthur Park arts organization Art Division, the USC Fisher Museum and the support of USC Arts in Action.

The zine is 32 pages in full color. Beginning with a manifesto on the project’s purpose and goal, the student-created art illuminates facts about the virus and its transmission, the proper use of personal protective equipment, and best practices when commuting, shopping, and interacting. In order to differentiate this publication from the other COVID-19 informational pamphlets, the Art Division students have created a colorful graphic work complete with Lotería cards to catch the attention of the Latinx and Indigenous working class of the MacArthur Park and Westlake area.

"This project was a collaborative journey highlighting the heroic efforts that immigrant families make every single day to make the world a safer place, especially during this trying time of COVID-19. We hope this zine can assist in this effort by supplying information where it may be limited." – José Guadalupe Sánchez III, MFA Art candidate, USC Roski 

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