madison moore co-edits December issue of E-Flux

The December issue of E-Flux, titled "Black Rave," was co-edited and curated by USC Roski Professor madison moore and collaborator McKenzie Wark. Professor moore stated:

“Black Rave”—that’s a great way to think about the sonics of insurgency, a phrase that brings politics back into dance music and culture. Electronic dance music comes from a place of politics, as much as musical purists and Twitter trolls love to insist that “race doesn’t matter” or that “it’s just about the music,” never mind who gets booked to play that music. In the issue, Blair Black and Alexander Weheliye do a wonderful job reminding us of the strategic ways that Blackness and queerness have been removed from electronic music. Which is why the word “rave” is such a racialized one, even as Black people have been raving from the jump.”

These two performance artists will also kick off the Spring '23 Roski Talks series on Jan 10.  

Read the full issue here.