Yerchanig Sara Chakmakian Featured in Daily Trojan

USC Roski School undergrad artist Yerchanig Sara Chakmakian's exhibition divine portals was featured in the Daily Trojan by arts writer Alia Noll. The writer stated: 

The show gave Chakmakian, a senior majoring in design, a chance to meditate on internal musings of culture and spirituality. The daughter of a Mexican mother and Armenian father, Chakmakian uses her artistry to keep the vibrant history of her heritage alive through her craft.

The article included responses from Sara's professors:

“Every class she’s had or every project she’s had, she always takes a risk,” USC Roski Professor Thomas Mueller said. “I’ve really seen her grow, not just in her skills, but in the way she thinks about art and really embracing ideas outside of our comfort zone and using those ideas to push her unique voice forward.”

“Sara is really a fascinating practitioner because she brings fine art and craft together. There was a really interesting conversation about color theory and activating a space, and how she engaged the space with the color blocking on the walls,” USC Roski Professor Alexis Zoto said. “It’s exemplary. It’s a fine example of the very best that Roski has in terms of combining art and design.”

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